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In Association with Adikavi Nannaya University


Manas Speaks, is a peer-reviewed monthly magazine for people, mental health professionals, psychology students, practising psychologists, researchers, and enthusiasts in human behaviour. In the magazine published from October 2021, Manas Speaks offers practical and timely information to help the psychology fraternity and common people to understand psychology concepts and cultivate new knowledge. As the official monthly publication of Manas-The academy of Psychology in association with Adikavi Nannaya University, Rajamahendravaram. The Psychologist serves as a forum for communication, discussion and debate on a range of psychological topics. We publish a wide range of scientific, professional and personal formats aimed at our large and diverse audience. It’s a free accessed magazine, anyone can access from our website. 

We welcome contributions from psychologists in all areas of the discipline, written in an informative and engaging style. Articles may provide a broad overview of a particular area or issue, review the literature, include some original research, discuss theory, or debate applied issues and practical and professional problems. We do not publish articles based on research that has not been accepted for publication following peer review: i.e., we are a magazine, not a journal. We also have a host of regular formats which may suit you, including 'Articles’, 'Book Reviews', ‘Movie reviews’ 'Careers', 'New voices', 'Case studies’ and 'Short stories’.

 To discuss all possibilities, contact the Editor via

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