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Psychosocial Effects and Challenges of COVID-19 on Human Behaviour 


April 2020

Dr.Narayana N

Dr.Rupa Selvaraj

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is straining health systems worldwide. We are trying to understand the challenges and issues faced by the people due to lockdown in the country. This research mainly focuses on people's mental health and general health issues that are faced due to self-isolation to protect ourselves from a deadly disease called Corona. we have prepared an online survey to collect data from throughout India. this survey is very user friendly means people cal answer their responses using their mobiles. results will be discussed very soon.

Women Mental Health in COVID-19 Lockdown

Online Survey

May 2020

Dr.Narayana N

Ms.Anusha P

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), the entire world is shut off and people are spending their life in four walls. this is the situation humans never ever expected and experienced before. In this situation, women are facing many difficulties in fulfilling the family needs without any break or holidays. Many women are facing physical and mental strain in this lockdown due to a lack of support from spouses or family members. In this context, we are come forward to measure the women psychological wellbeing during lockdown. This is an online survey, women can give their responses using the link provided by us from their mobile phones. Results will be discussed soon.     

Lockdown is Hell or Heaven: Children Prespective


May 2020

Dr.Narayana N

Dr.Rupa Selvaraj

Children are either happy or sad in this crucial situation, many doesn't know about what happened to them and family. No school, No outside games and no outings, for them from the last 60 days due to invisible enemy. Many children have different unexplained emotions which can lead to confusion and fullness in their life. In this view, we have decided to do research on children's behavior in this lockdown. this is an online survey using google forms, we provide a link to parents and then they ask their children to fill-up the form.  parents can help the child to for successful completion. results of the present research will be discussed after completion of the survey.

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Research Director


He has 15 years of experience in research and published more than 15 articles and participated in several international and national conferences.



Dr Rupa Selvaraj

She has 10 years of experience in research and published more than 10 articles and participated in several international and national conferences.


Student Researcher

Ms Anusha P

She is a final year student of Adikavi Nannaya University, enthusiastic to do research in the area of mental health.

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