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Ms.Pushpa Ragaveni 

Consultant Psychologist

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For Appointment

I got over 13 years of experience practicing clinical psychology. I do psychotherapy (anxiety, depression, and grief), cognitive behavior therapy, specific phobias, psycho-sexual therapy (erectile dysfunction, dyspareunia, and sexual arousal difficulties), couple therapy for conflict-related marriages, relationship guidance, marriage and family counseling, Anger management, stress management, and behavior modification, de-addiction programs, Infertility stress, Counseling for pregnancy after infertility, Decision Making about treatment, Multiple pregnancy, Stopping the treatment, Dealing with miscarriage, Pregnancy after infertility, Sexual Counselling, Counselling for third party reproduction, Support group counseling, Couple Counseling, Assessment and screening with the psychometric test, and Holistic wellness. I conduct trainings on emotional intelligence, motivational skills, transitional analysis, mentoring and coaching, stress management, relationship management, etc. 

  • Couple Counselling for Relationship Issues

  • Infertility Counsellor

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

  • Ph.D. - Reproductive & Fertility Counseling from Andhra University (Pursuing)

  • Masters in Psychology from Andhra University

  • P.G. Certificate Course in Counseling Psychology from CCC Vellore

  • Doctorate in Law of Attraction

  • Consultant Psychologist At Manas

  • I  worked at different fertility centers including Cloud9 fertility, Nova IVI Fertility, Apollo Fertility, and is currently working at ZIVA Embryology and Fertility Institute in Hyderabad. 

  • Telugu, Hindi and English

Client Stories for Ms.Pushpa


On  09 June 2020 at 11 am

I met Dr. Pushpa first time 5years back at Nova and I happend to find her through Practo and consulted her at Ziva. Now I have consulted her for my emotional wellbeing. I was able to make great progress for my mental health condition through my therapy sessions with her. Dr. Pushpa provided an excellent service particularly through using CBT techniques and I noticed a significant improvement in my mental health condition following each session. She is very friendly and empathetic which worked well for my recovery.

On 15 May 2020 at 04 pm

I attended counselling sessions with her and she really helped me out with anxiety issues and self discovery. She always tries to get to your level of understanding in order to make sure you are feeling comfortable and can relate to the advice she is offering. Dr. Pushpa is very friendly and I immediately felt very comfortable during our first session itself. She was able to point out the exact issues that caused the anxiety I had been facing, and offered excellent advice in order to help me deal with it. Thanks to her, I'm a much more confident person who is happier in her own skin. Thank you, ma'am!

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