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Blue to Cream Gradient

Ms.Asha Mushinala

Consultant Psychologist

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For Appointment

am a joyful and outgoing person by nature and I'm an explorer of individuals, I make them comfortable right in their ways. dealing with change of emotions is my core specialty and helping them understand things in the right way to choosing the path wisely. I study and execute sessions client-centric and adopt new techniques that motivate my client to express more of themselves. I'm simple as a normal person when you need one, sitting beside you hearing with patience, and helping you sort out problems on your own.

           I believe sharing is not only caring but also a relief from past experiences and to the better future, society is the edge that everyone wants to excel into but be the change that society follows you. For me, Psychology is the way of making people understand themselves like a ride that is a joyful experience. It's everything and everywhere embrace it and discover the peace of life.

  • Relationship Issues and Premarital Counselling

  • Gender Psychology

  • Psychological Assessment 

  • Social Psychologist

  • Masters in Psychology from Adikavi Nannaya University

  • Counseling Practitioner Certificate Course

  • Consultant Psychologist At Manas

  • Telugu, Hindi and English

Client Stories for Ms.Asha


On  09 June 2020 at 11 am

Very much helpful to solved my problem in a minimum time.

On 15 May 2020 at 04 pm

She is good choice, I liked her way of approach.

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