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Is TikTok Firing India, Where Does It Leads Us?

Updated: May 27, 2020

Nowadays, Tiktok is the most popular and trending social app with nearly 467 million downloads. Tiktok is actually developed by a Chinese company named Bytedance for entertainment purposes like lip-syncing for popular songs or dialogues, short dances, fun making, talented videos etc. This Chinese app in no time struck India's social media with its launch, in 3 years this app crossed 120 million active monthly users and still spread its wings even more. The Indian users are overwhelmed, and many more talented artists are raised into fame with no background. It created a portal of access to the cine industry and fashion world.


  • Easy access to the app with few basic technical skills.

  • This one app includes all the features to shoot, edit and upload a video.

  • To become a “Tik Tok Star” is so easy, all they can do is to upload a video with good concept and talent.

  • Most Tik Tok users are teenagers especially girls, youth, housewives, and unemployed. They are using Tik Tok as a platform for earning money other than entertainment.

Are you enjoying Tik Tok by uploading your videos? Maybe not, you will be prone to Physiological problems, Social issues, and Psychological problems.


Watching videos for a long period in the same posture leads to a sedentary lifestyle and the person becomes lazy. It disturb their daily and biological needs like hunger, thirst, sleep, and excretions (toilet controlling mostly). By this, body metabolism disturbs their digestive and excretory systems.


Most of the youth and teenagers are always dream to be a “Popular person or celebrity” in their social setting like school, college or neighborhood either in good or bad way with their skills and talents. So, they are using Tik Tok as a platform for making videos and sharing it in public. Especially, girls and children are using Tik Tok more compared to boys.

Tiktok users, are happily uploading their videos expecting that they will be popular. But in reality, they are facing a lot of abusive comments about their house, dressing style, facial expressions. Sometimes, video viewers are harassing women for their personal contact details.

Women and Child Trafficking Mafia are focusing more on Tik Tok video makers. Because, the Tiktok user shares not only the video content but also their personal and social status details in public. This information indirectly helps women traffickers to gather information about the person leading them to criminals and traffickers and getting victimized.

Some people are making and sharing inappropriate content like lip-syncing for adult dialogues, lyrics, expressions and scenes. This will be dangerous if a child or womanizer or sex addict watches it. Other than these problems, the Tiktok app collects all our personal information like mail id, mobile sensitive information, personal photos, videos and location.

Tiktok was banned in many countries like Indonesia, the US, and the UK. In India, in April, 2019, Tiktok was banned and removed this app from the app store. But, after a few weeks they removed the ban because of millions of users and public pressure. This situation itself shows how much people are addicted to Tik Tok.

Not only youth are becoming victims for Tik Tok, but also middle aged persons, employees are facing problems and few got suspended for making videos during their duty hours. So, Tik Tok effects our lives in several directions.


People feeling anxious about current trending videos and Continuous arousal leads to Anxiety problems.

Continuous trying to make a perfect video makes the person more stressed, disappointed, frustrated and feeling sad. Prolonged exposure to this type of situation leads to Depression.

Some people feel disappointed about their physical appearance. They are losing self-confidence, feeling inferior and avoiding social interactions. Because of their self-dissatisfaction, they are changing their food habits to look fit and healthy. This leads to Eating disorders like Anorexia nervosa.

Prolonged exposure to mobile and social media leads to Sleep disorders like Sleep apnea and Insomnia.


Don’t worry, you just have to take proper precautions while using any Social media app.

  • Don’t share your feelings and personal life details in public that might get you into trouble.

  • Fixing a particular time limit to watch or make videos in TikTok.

  • Don’t overreact to comments. If comments are hurting you personally then immediately report the abuser and proper action will be taken by the Police.

  • Use Tik Tok as a platform for your skills and talents. But, don’t make inappropriate content videos, it will be harmful to viewers and to you.

This is where Manas can help you, we provide psychological services for those people who need assistance with their problems.

Katta Bhagya Ratnam, Psychologist

Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back - Harvey Mackay

*Note: All these pictures are taken from Google free sources.

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