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Youth Agony in COVID-19 Lockdown

Updated: May 26, 2020

Youth have been said the masterminds behind the nation's inventions. As a developing nation, India has most of the youth all over the world ever seen in recent times. Youngsters are the key to the future generation. But with the lockdown of COVID-19 in India, they are confined to their homes. The prime minister called on the nation for Janatha curfew made then to stay at home initially for a day. Due to emergency around the world and the spread of corona in India, the lockdown extended for 21 days. This situation made people panic and disrupted the economy of the entire nation without a warning bell. Leaving the imagination to your own, the situation it put them has been keenly observed and reviewed their opinions.

Glimpse of scenario:

As said before youth confining to homes, changed their habits and lifestyle entirely. They suffered, enjoyed, and tried their best to balance life at the moment knowing the impact of corona around the world since its manifestation in Wuhan, China to the present scenario. Most of them are well prepared for what they have to face, and few were not even know the facts at all.

In the mixed view and information trolling in the media, people confused yet followed their government orders. Social distancing, sanitization, face masks, no physical contact with their loved once has reduced the chain reaction of virus spreading.

Choosing social media as a relief:

Students studying in colleges and universities are gone mad and melted with a sudden break. These are the times that they are waiting for so long to complete exams and fly over the education system into society. It struck them with a dilemma when will be the exams takes place and the future after this pandemic.

To suppress these feelings and cope with the situation, they launched themselves completely into activities that keep them busy. Chatting with friends and relatives in their absence, with the regular social media, they protruded into Tictok and testing their artistic talents and creativity and evolving with new habits. Some using OTT apps for recreation giving access to the entertainment they always wanted. On the other end, Ludo and Pubg downloads and their playtime drastically increased putting them out of senses.

Stressed with work from homes:

Lockdown served the purpose of family reunions and bonding in these difficult times. Simple family time can take away the work stress. Even in this lockdown, they are ordered to “work from home” without any proper accessories at their display. These tore the minds of the youth and their hearts for not allowing them to be relaxed even at home. The quarantine took a leap and became a daily routine, online classes, meetings, and work from home are regularized leaving the youth no choice. Staggered with the heavy use of electronic devices and related accessories for work in the display to be repaired or replaced.

Mixed burdening thoughts:

In countering such situations in the midst of nowhere revealed the truth youth have been neglecting there days. Their responses back then and responsibilities denied taking all at once clouding their thoughts, no second thoughts of distracting them. Within a month all the resources to survive, maintain, and to support family depleted. The reality of the family’s economy lost jobs and no source of income, shattered plans of marriages, privacy challenges, and difficulties in long-distance relationships questioning their very existence with the twisted balance of life.

Where does it leading them:

All the lost normality leading them into the circle, over usage of social media its screening time causes sleep problems brings irritability in the day time. The emotional distress of anger and anxiety, with overwhelmed feelings, acute stress, and then to post-traumatic stress disorder. Anger towards an unseen enemy, the death caused by coronavirus fearing and feeding every individual. Merging of personal and professional life is an unhealthy symptom of sickness.

How to cope up:

  • Hope and patience are the ultimate weapons to destroy negativity in self.

  • Let’s embrace the anger and sadness and remember that it is a natural process of healing and makes us even stronger.

  • Distract yourself by making an alternative to seeing feel-good movies.

  • Joining online courses, learning things, and making new habits.

  • Helping in homely activities and spending time with family.

  • Reduce online life and investing it into physical indoor games.

  • Practice medication; try techniques that could boost your health and increase positive benefits.

  • Taking to a therapist is the best thing we recommend when you feel things are out of control.

This is where we shine, the ‘MANAS’ can help you through all the implications you feel, by helping you identify your problems and solve them on your own, making you refresh and resume the life where you left behind.

Motivating thoughts:

"Sometimes we are all tested not to show our weakness but to rediscover our strengths"
"Times like this need your bravest souls in the strongest body, know your mental health is the key to a happy future"

Rakesh Gorle,

Youth psychologist at the manas.

*Note: All these pictures are taken from Google free sources.

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Really nice... created some awareness sir ...


Rakesh Gorle
Rakesh Gorle
May 21, 2020

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