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PUBG A Diversion Or Direction To Destruction?

Gaming is not my thing, but PUBG changed everything. Just like we all grew from our childhood to present, the gaming has evolved from offline to online. The thought of PUBG is a lifetime story to be told. Readers are eager to read this just for mentioning the term PUBG. People have always time for things they like, just with popup notification of interests the PUBG was on 24/7.

Picking a needle in a sack might be difficult but looking for PUBG on the internet or phone has become quite easy and common. But no offense, many has quoted “It is not a game, it is an emotion”.

Why PUBG, Need A Scope?

It is not a million-dollar question anymore. Player Unknown Battle Ground is the no.1 battle royal game for its eyes stunning HD graphics, 3D sounds, massive maps, modes of play, and direct voice chat communication and it can be played with friends online anywhere anytime. “Surviving is the only key and last man stands to win, when duty calls fire at will” is the theme behind the game. All we need is a stable internet connection and well-rammed smartphone in hands. By 2019, it has 600 million downloads and the percentage of players around the globe made it a universal game.

How People Turn In PUBG:

Most of the People play it as a means of time pass and diversion to their work stress. But later the game becomes a hobby and with the taste of winning, they crave for more in process. But getting “chicken dinner” and praised as ‘winner winner’ is not so easy. As we play the chances of winning might get thinner and thinner. So they lose track of time and their self in-game day by day and game by game.

Could This Be Addictive?

Wrong question but it could lead you to the right answers. Addiction is a far better word in PUBG, this game might even harm you more. It could be leading you into your own destruction and can be a nightmare in many lives. Losing the track of time is just a symptom, losing the senses and emotional imbalance comes next. The game takes you to another reality where the actual reality is just a word. Restricting them from playing will destruct them from inside. They are tamed by it, ready to unleash the violence into reality. Some poor sensitive souls choose suicide, whereas some become anti-social elements. Unable to control themselves they might attack their own families and friends and get serious in extreme cases.

An Obsession With PUBG, Enemies Ahead:

People can’t put their hands on it, they think and dream of nothing but to play PUBG. This obsession towards the game and its extreme violent content brings irritable anger for nothing, aggressive and frustrating thoughts, real-life relationship problems,headaches, poor concentration on work, disrupted sleep patterns and disorders, nightmares and stressful eyes, emotional and behavioural problems. In addition in children with their unstable growing minds develops a violent personality and immune to real emotions and feelings in the future.

How To Get Into The Safe Zone:

Many of the players have faced this problem and searched and tried to get rid of this addiction. Uninstalling and reinstalling it and seen this happening all the time. Doing such thing won’t help if you are not really into it. The tamed gameplay into mind can also be untamed by mastering a few steps

  • frame a particular time and dedicate it for it. It seems simple but by time it can show results.

  • Avoid playing the game repeatedly if you lose, the chances of winning every game is out of point and don’t encourage such thoughts.

  • In the meantime avoid watching videos about it and try to spend time on activities that keep you busy.

  • Don’t get influenced by your friends, they always try to seduce and force you to play one game.

  • keep your minds focused on creative and innovative thoughts of use.

  • Try repeating these things and aiming for self-development.

Game addiction is a serious problem in these days, Manas have experienced psychologists and their services are more demanded in these crucial times. so feel free to contact us for any counseling services.

Motivating thoughts:

“Time is precious my friend don’t waste it for unnecessary things”
“Reality is much brighter than the gaming world”

Rakesh Gorle,

Youth psychologist at Manas.

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*Note: All these pictures are taken from Google free sources.

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