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Women are not exception to COVID 19. Are they?

Updated: May 26, 2020

The prevailing pandemic COVID 19 had brought many changes in the lives of the people. Apart from the fear of the outbreak of the pandemic there are many issues affecting the mental health of women. Although there are men being affected, women are found to be the most affected as they already engaged in work (not accounted) which is 3 times of men.

The problems may vary with their Age, Work status as mentioned below

25 and Below Age Group Women Issues

  • Lagging in the learning as a result of the non-availability of resources, study material, aids, and teachers.

  • Boredom due to daily routine, Missing peers, and lack of access to public places like restaurants, theatres, and parks.

  • No access to art and sports-related facilities like outdoor games, music, painting classes results in idle time and unnecessary thoughts which has increased anxiety of corona attack

  • The Majority of women addicted to social entertainment channels like Netflix, Tiktok, etc., are affecting daily routines and creating time management issues.

  • During lockdown, the newly married couple has enough time to understand better however in majority of the cases same leading to quarrels and misunderstandings

26-35 Age Group Women Issues

  • Family members staying completely at home had left no time for the personal interests of women and relaxation time.

  • Child care responsibilities i.e., preparing them for online classes and explaining issues related to Covid-19 are creating additional stress along with handling the mischief of the children.

  • Pregnant women being afraid of exposure to the virus, the mal effects on further stages of pregnancy and the same is affecting the health of the fetus

  • Changes in the diet, lack of activity for body leading to obesity and menstrual problems among young women

  • Raising misunderstandings between partners

36-50 Age Group Women Issues

  • Anxiety from family members being away from home, Family members stuck at places of work.

  • Increased household works like family members preferring to have a variety of foods, making a mess with the things left at every corner of the house.

  • Increased tense drives the women to worry about the attack of COVID-19 to their family members and also for family members to stay away from home.

  • Caring for elderly parents with obsessions about corona and other health problems has become a difficult task for many women.

51 Above Age Group Women Issues

  • Increased mental health issues in menopausal women due to lockdown. Menopause in women at the ’50s has increased the overwhelmed burden along with the symptoms they are already facing.

  • Lack of access to health care facilities causes anxiety.

  • Increased fear of corona leading to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder i.e., unreasonable thoughts leading to uncontrolled behaviors like washing hands frequently than the desired.

Working Status-Related Issues

  • Working women: Imbalances in work life and personal life due to increased households. Women in health care industries are often facing anxiety due to their exposure to the virus

  • Non-working women: No major changes observed in the household women apart from the increased household activities, caring for family and their dependents

Measures of Coping for Psychological Well-Being

1. Sharing household works with family members, practicing simple exercises, meditation, and yoga at home.

2. Interacting with distanced friends and relatives through telephonic ways helps to increase in confidence and driving away the loneliness.

3. Involving the children in activities of their interests and making them use their leisure time to overcome their weaknesses and also developing their skills.

4. Increasing the interactions among grandparents and children will help in dilution of anxiety and stress among them.

5. Planning of activities to be done for the following day and adjust the time schedule according to work timings, ensure proper and enough time to family members will help working women.

6. To the extent possible try to avoid public interactions unless it is an emergency.

7. Despite being long hours on gadgets for entertainment, the time can be effectively used in seeking knowledge through various educational channels.

8. Rather than watching the news related to corona for a long time it is better to use the time in other activities that reduce anxiety.

Happy women create happy families. Manas guides women in overcoming all the burdens and help in leading life with ease and happiness.
Prevention is better than cure- Stay Home Stay Safe 😊

Suma Gangi

Health Psychologist at MANAS

*Note: All these pictures are taken from Google free sources.