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Where Are You TikTok...!

While I was in a shower, I heard it raining outside all I wanted is to make a clip of it and post it in TikTok.

June 29th the day TikTok got banned in India along with 58 other apps of china, the reason is all known to the whole world. Its been a month and I still wonder as did that really happened. As of my personal view, I still have reserved its place on my home screen, every day I see it I realize how it changed my life and became a part of it.

According to a report, Indian users spent over 5.5 Billion hours on TikTok in 2019, and in December the time spent on TikTok in India was more than the next 11 countries combined. This says how addicted we are for this entertainment app. But after the ban I can say by the views of the people it’s quite surprising and shocking. At first, I thought lockdown and TikTok ban is a horrible combination for every Indian TikTok user, but the sheer will and intention to send a message to China was impressively dominated every emotion along the way.

Positive views of the TikTok ban:

As far for the non-users, it was never a problem, I think you all have known the phrase “every dog has its day” it came into my mind instantly when I heard the reviews. Everyone replied that they never installed that app and it doesn’t attract them or impacts now.

  • A positive vibe has been created with the ban of china apps in India, which gave a chance to Indian developers to prove their creativity and stamina.

  • People finally saw it as an entertainment app and nothing more and instantly shifted to other social media entertaining platforms.

  • As for the tiktokers, they realized it’s not the platform it's their talent that made them stars, and it been proven when they shifted to other platforms.

  • India became more resilient and self-improving after the ban.

Negative impacts of TikTok ban:

Everything always has its shade and side in negativity, TikTok is not an exception. The ban is not an easy thing to take for most of the people, it created chaos in every once mind.

  • Many have tried to hide their emotions and most of the situations are never touched the light.

  • It is evident that people fell in the loop of china and created their own reality and left the self-image. These conditions lead the people into insecurities which could psychologically impact their life.

  • The use of TikTok has become a habit to most of the people, there are mainly two types of people tictokers and TikTok audience. the impact is some on both sides.

Some of them couldn't accept or adapt to the newly fallen situation, they can experience depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-harm, and even probes to suicidal thoughts.

  • It affects the emotional state of the person like behavioral and cognition, withdrawal in other activities.

  • All these indicate negative mental health and low self-esteem it further makes them unhappy and leads to isolation.

All these look different from what you see, your senses may deceive you into the wrong perception. Manas will always be at the service of those in need of us. Don’t hesitate when you are having difficulty leading your life, it might lead to any psychological disturbance.

At the end of the day, we are all alone and judging from what we know will never be the reality of what you see



Note: All the pictures are taken from google free sources*

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