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Shadow Pandemic : A wake-up call ?

"2020"... None of us in our wildest dream would have thought of facing a pandemic. Literally, a tiny virus made havoc and everyone locked up in their homes. But, that's the safest place one could be when people are combating their lives when dead bodies were oiling up and quarantine and remdesivir made its way to layman's dictionary staying home were the best we could do.

Speaking about the subject matter there's a big question. Is it really a safe place when this unprecedented covid stress is breeding all around. there was a time when things went smooth from dalgona to reels it was a blissful joy spending time with family, trying new trends. but what made a backdrop is an era from zoom meetings to work from home culture when every attempt to separate personal and professional life went in vain.

The psychological aspect of the subject is Distress, depression, anxiety, aggression due to various factors like increase in screen time, being locked up, mocked up future plans, educational loss, job loss, etc. That brings me to the discussion about increased stress and strain in relationships be it with your spouse, children, or friends and parents, Sudden switch in routine life worsened the situation.

What data have to say?

The human development report 2020 launched in December, India ranked 131 among 189 countries. country's ranking is a disappointment. but, what's more, the shocking takeaway from this report is intimate partner violence (IPV).

Due to the feeling of diminished economic provider or job loss men often feel the loss of status and this often leads to venting out the frustration on their intimate partner. India's national family health survey reveals that almost 42% of men agree that a husband is justified in heating or beating his wife.


Domestic violence leads to long-term effects on a person specifically negative consequences to victims due to emotional and psychological distress ranging from low self-esteem, envy, guilt, post-traumatic stress, depression, attempted suicide, declined quality of life.

Among all the issues around this pandemic, mental health and domestic violence are given little or no attention to which there could be absolute long term damage as repercussions and this could turn fatal, if not considered we cannot afford a new pandemic of diminished mental health and thus, people need to be educated about the same.

  • Every individual (not gender-specific) should be given the right information and awareness of all types of violence.

  • People, especially women are deprived of this knowledge and due to other external factors like family, marriage, etc. They do not raise a voice against it and fall a victim to domestic violence leading to diminished mental health.

This should be a wake-up call for the stigmatized society to speak about such sensitive matters. This not only affects the victim. but, it is a matter of concern to the whole nation.

How can you help!

  • If you are a victim of IPV speak about it and raise a voice against it.

  • Educate people around so they do not fall prey to this terrific deed. Your story may save a soul.

  • There are mental health workers to hear you and help you at every point, consult them.

  • During this pandemic, the government has issued various helplines for the people to get through these tough times.

  • Though you are not a victim, stand for the ones with the issues and let the chain begins.

Manas is always here to help you, don’t hesitate to call us in need of counseling.

violence could happen to anyone no matter how Good your family is or how intelligent you are

Violence needs to stop without any gender specification We need to speak up and teach our children violence is not your fate and together we can make a difference

Rutuja Chambhare

Manas Intern


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