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Unemployment, An Undefeated Enemy

Unemployment, a well-known term for a graduate and even a common man. It is a serious issue which makes people choose wrong paths for earning money and prestige. Every year millions of students are graduated, that creates a very high competition to enter jobs. Most of the people cannot be employed immediately after completion of their studies, this doesn’t mean they are not well matured or doesn’t have developed skills. It’s just the system they live in have a different set of perceptions.

Causes of Unemployment:

Immense Pressure

From childhood, they are brainwashed from their parents, peers, relatives that they must get a job in so and so MNC’s or whatever. This causes great pressure in students mind. Sometimes this pressure is the cause of not getting selected in the interviews.

Setting limits

Before going to attend interviews, people are scaling boundaries like fixing to particular job roles or a particular amount of salary. If their expectations don’t satisfy then they immediately rejecting the placements. If this behaviour and attitude continuously they could eventually get vexed of getting a job and that can lead to choosing a random job non-related to their careers.

Lack of communication skills

Schools and colleges nowadays focussing more on ranks and grades. But ranks and grades don’t provide the necessary communication skills required to survive in society. To overcome this situation Basic social skills should be developed in each and every student by their schools or colleges included in their curriculum.

Entering wrong Streams

Students are supposed and encouraged to enter the stream which they are interested in them but not for the sake of their parents or relatives. At first, they can cope with the situation even they are not interested but at some point, they start blaming their parents or blame themselves for taking such wrong decisions

Fear of Failure

When people get failed in taking a step, most of them don’t dare to take another step in that path because of the previous experience that has. Due to this many of us are losing golden opportunities. And the rest who dare to take can’t withstand it.

Major problems due to Unemployment

Stress: As they feel they are unfitting they face lots of stress which could lead to another major psychological issue

Disturbed Behaviours: Helplessness projects Disorganized behaviour which disturbs their family environment and their relation with peers

Depression: If the society feels them unfit, people around them get provoked and starts avoiding the conversation with them which causes social detachment.

Substance Abuse: people get addicted to psychoactive drugs to calm down themselves and try to ease their mind.

Suicides: This is the major issue youth facing these days because of their intolerance to failure

Due to unemployment people might get frustrated, stressed and can choose wrong paths at that particular stage. All the knowledge, ethics and skills they gained gets vanished. They make the wrong strategies to earn money. They develop disordered conduct, harasses others and can create problems in society.

We cannot completely get the answer for where the problem aroused but definitely, we can solve the issue through patience.

We can control these problems by

  • Following one’s own goals

  • Setting the right paths

  • Being patience and Self Confident

  • Accepting the Failures

Unemployment is a serious problem we may not give you are job but Manas is an educational hub as well where we can help students shine in their career with an actual hand full of experience.

Success isn’t counted in terms of money or job, success is how happy who live with what you have at the end of the day

M Saroja

Post Graduate Student (MANAS Intern)

Note: all these pictures are taken from google free sources.